Gambling is a game of chance; ROULETTE is just another game, there is no system of to beat the wheel. The objective is to correctly choose the winning number; one can bet a combination of red or black or a combination of numbers or on whether it is an even or an odd number that will appear on the wheel.

About Roulette


The game has it's origins in France. Today's layout found in casinos goes back to the 18th century. Essentially there are two betting areas, on the inside betting area are the individual numbers, on the outside betting area there are boxes describing the red/black and the odd/even and groupings of numbers.

The layout defines numbers on the inside arranged in twelve rows of three numbers that form three vertical columns with 0 and 00 appearing at the top of these columns.

The European roulette wheel has thirty-seven slots numbered 0-36. The house edge is 2.63. The American wheel has 38 numbers because the Americans added a double zero (00); this additional number increases the house edge to 5.26 percent.

When you buy in to play you are issued with a different colour of chips to that of the players; this identifies your bets and avoids disputes.  Chips are not interchangeable among roulette tables. When you win at the roulette table you are given casino chips to cash in; your colour chips cannot be cashed in at the cage.  Each roulette table has a minimum bet; all your bets must be at least this specified minimum amount.

The dealer's required to spin the ball in the opposite direction of the wheel; the ball then jumps and spins before landing on a number. The dealer marks the winning number; you may only place your bet for the next spin once this marker has been removed.

Inside Bets


You can bet a number straight up or straddle the line between numbers to select a combination of winning numbers. You can place the following bets:

- Straight Up, betting on a single number; payout is 35 to 1
- Split Bet, betting on two numbers by placing your chip on the line so that it straddles two numbers; payout is 17 to 1
- Street bets or line bet, betting by placing your chip on the vertical line separating the outside and inside betting areas, the chip straddles the first number in the row; payout is 11 to 1
- Corner bet or Quad, betting by placing the chip so that it touches the four corners of the numbers you are betting; payout is 8 to 1.

Basket bet is a five number bet on zero – double zero and numbers-1-2-3 which pays 6 to 1. On the double zero wheel it has a house edge of 7.89 percent making it the worst bet in Roulette.

Double Street bet is a wager on six numbers and pays 5 to 1. You place your chip on the line separating the outside and inside area as you do for the street bet but let it also straddle the row above or below.

Outside Bets

The outside bets are any of the bets made in the boxes surrounding the numbers.

Red Black Odd and Even are all even money bets. You place your chips in the boxes on the layout.

Dozens bet are made on the 12 consecutive numbers. You place your wager in the boxes marked 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36. These bets pay 2 to 1. If the zero or double zero comes up you lose.

Column bets are also 12 number bets. Instead of 12 consecutive numbers they consist of the numbers in one of the three vertical columns and are made in the boxes at the bottom of the layout. These bets pay 2 to 1 as well.

Tips For Playing roulette

- Roulette has a high house edge; if you play at a full table you will get about 30 spins an hour which slows down the time your money is exposed to the house edge; it will also increase your comp time.
- You are allowed to stack your chips on a number that already has other chips stacked on it; players are identified by the colour of their chips.
- You may still bet even though the dealer has spun the ball; the dealer will eventually wave his hands and call out "no more bets" when the ball slows down.

Myths About Roulette

- All roulette wheels are the same
Myth; some wheels have a single zero, others a double zero and then there are those with a double and a single zero.

- The spin of the wheel is not random
Myth; the roulette wheel and ball have absolutely no memory; there is no sequence to red or black outcomes of the spin.

- There is a system that one can use to beat the roulette wheel
Myth; there is no system; the roulette player who wins is not necessarily a good roulette player Gambling is a game of chance!