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10 Best Crypto Casino Sites in 2024

Cryptocurrencies have a long history, dating back to the 1980s when they were known as cyber currencies. With the advent of Bitcoin, which was established by an anonymous programmer or group of programmers under the name Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, these coins began to acquire prominence.

Encryption was first discussed in 1989, and American cryptographer David Chaum devised digital cash a few years later in 1980, relying on cryptography to protect and verify transactions. However, cryptographic protocols and software that would allow for the establishment of a genuinely decentralized digital currency did not start development until the early 1990s.

In October 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto, an alias, published a paper titled Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash Mechanism that proposed a system for producing a digital currency. This currency did not rely on third parties. The cryptocurrency revolution was effectively started by Nakamoto's paper.

On the 12th of January, 2009, Nakamoto and Hal Finney made the first Bitcoin transaction. Bitcoin was the sole cryptocurrency on the market in early 2010. Its cost was only a few cents at the time. New digital currencies hit the market during the following several years, and their prices climbed and fell in lockstep with Bitcoin's.

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Robert Kruger
Robert Kruger

The History of Cryptocurrencies

Using Cryptos to Gamble

Several criteria will determine whether or not it is legal to bet with cryptocurrency. Above all, it is dependent on the legislation in your specific province. The first thing you should check into is whether or not internet gambling is legal in your area. The second question to ponder is whether cryptocurrency is legal in your country.

Some jurisdictions do not regulate gambling or crypto, but as long as they do not expressly prohibit it, you should not face any legal consequences for gambling with crypto. 

Players profit from the confidentiality and security of bitcoin gaming, while casinos benefit from the cost-effectiveness of the solution. There are no financial institutions or banks engaged at any point in the transactions. Furthermore, some cryptocurrency casinos accept players from all over the world, irrespective of their location or the gambling laws in their respective countries.

Unfortunately, many online casino players (especially those who aren’t very tech-savvy) shy away from using crypto for the purpose of online gaming. However, using crypto for playing your favourite casino games is as easy as using, say, the US Dollar or the Euro. You just need to sign up for a crypto wallet and then you can make instant payments to your online casino and even receive your winnings instantly. Contrary to what most crypto-virgin players think, banking at an online casino is the easiest and fastest when using crypto. 

Top Bitcoin Casino Sites

Crypto Casino Bonuses

As we just touched upon, crypto casinos certainly did not get an easy entry into the online gaming sector. Players were hesitant to try it and regulators too frowned at the idea during the initial days. Despite the door being shut in its face over and over again, crypto casinos persevered and finally broke through. One of the ways in which crypto casinos were able to attract users and get them to try crypto gaming was by offering crypto casino bonuses that were too good to turn your back on. 

Just like how traditional online casinos offer various bonuses for both new and existing players, crypto casinos have also come up with creative ways to incentivize players at all stages of their gaming journeys. Below, we go over some of the primary types of crypto casino bonuses that we see across the gaming industry today. 

Crypto Casino Free Spins 

Free spins are among the most popular and diverse in the online casino market. A free spin bonus could be given in addition to or instead of a welcome bonus. The spins are normally worth relatively little in such circumstances, but there are frequently a lot of them. For example, you may be handed an introductory package that includes a large matched deposit bonus as well as hundreds of free spins. Generally, free spin bonuses where solely free spins are rewarded usually only include a limited number of free spins, usually within the range of 5-20 spins. 

Free spins are commonly found at crypto casinos, just as they are fiat currency casinos. 

No Deposit Crypto Casino Bonus

You can register as a new player with an online casino and receive a bonus without making a deposit. These incentives come in a variety of sizes and are usually related to fiat money payments rather than cryptocurrency.

No deposit bonuses include wagering limitations and may need you to verify your information beforehand, but this varies per casino. Although no deposit incentives are uncommon at Bitcoin-only casinos, they do exist. 

The problem is that Bitcoins do not require a bank account, a passport, or any other identifying information. Given this, Players may create more than one account with the purpose of abusing the bonus and then departing for another site. 

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency casinos that provide no deposit bonuses are quite popular and attract a lot of attention in the online gaming sector. This type of incentive appeals to players since they do not have to spend anything to open a betting account with money to play with. In reality, this implies that accepting the bonus does not involve any risk.

Deposit Crypto Casino Bonus

The deposit crypto bonus is, without a doubt, the most popular sort of crypto bonus. This might be a weekly deposit bonus, a daily deposit bonus, a new player deposit welcome bonus, and so on. To qualify for any crypto deposit bonus, the player must first make a qualifying deposit.

An example to illustrate a typical deposit bonus: - make a deposit of at least 0.000026 BTC and get a 100% bonus. In this case, if you deposit 0.000026 BTC, the casino will reward you an extra 0.000026 BTC as a bonus. 

No Wagering Bonus 

Many of the bonuses require you to bet your bonus money a certain number of times before you can withdraw it. A no wagering bonus, on the other hand, is one where you can withdraw the bonus funds without having to meet any such requirement.

No wagering bonuses are something online casino players are always on the lookout for and some crypto casinos do offer them in order to attract players, however, it is not very easy to find no wagering bonuses because of the fact that they cost the casino a good deal of money. 

Reload Bonuses

A reload bonus is when an online casino compensates a player who has previously made a deposit by increasing their bankroll by a percentage of the amount deposited. Players may take advantage of a variety of various reload bonus offers. As far as crypto casinos are concerned, the good news is that reload bonuses are very popular at online crypto gaming platforms, you’ll find many reload offers to boost your gaming experience from time to time. 

Crypto Casino Experience

The user experience at crypto casinos is good for the most part. However, we cannot generalize every crypto casino and say that they are all good. Each crypto casino is unique in some way or another and they all have their own pros and cons, just like traditional fiat currency online casinos.

How good an experience you have at a crypto casino will depend on the casino you choose and whether or not that casino is the right option for you. Some of the primary factors to consider would be your gaming preferences, bonus requirements, customer support options etc. 

Security, Licensing, and Provably Fair

When it comes to real money transactions, sensitive player data, and delicate banking information, security and safety are paramount. This is especially true in the case of online gambling, where many gamers value privacy and confidentiality. There are several elements to think about when it comes to protection at a crypto casino.

If you’re browsing around the web looking for a safe crypto-friendly online casino to play with, you would be best served (in terms of safety, data privacy, fairness, etc.) by ensuring that the casino is licensed by a reputed online gambling regulatory commission. Secondly, you also want to be certain that the casino uses SSL encryption to protect your data. By using SSL encryption, any unauthorized infiltrator will not be able to make sense of your personal or financial information since it is all stored in a coded format. 

Moreover, to guarantee that the outcome of any game you play is actually arbitrary, luck-based, and therefore fair, make sure the casino employs a third-party certified random number generator algorithm that produces verifiably fair game outcomes.

Staying Safe While Crypto Gambling

One can never be too safe while on the internet. If you are using crypto to gamble, then the good news is that you are way ahead of most players in terms of being safe while gambling. However, just because you are using crypto instead of traditional payment systems such as credit cards does not guarantee 100% safety. There are a few things you can proactively do to keep yourself secure while gambling with crypto.

 The most important factors are your choice of online casino and your choice of crypto wallet. Obviously, you want to play at a licensed, reputed and trustworthy crypto casino. In terms of crypto wallets, the safest wallets are cold wallets but they may prove very inconvenient for frequent gaming. 

You should choose a reputed wallet (we have some recommendations below in this article) and you should never share your wallet or crypto casino account credentials with anyone else. It is also a good habit to regularly change your password. 

Pros and Cons of Crypto Gambling

Like IconPros
  • Check IconPrivacy and Anonymity: Data privacy is one of the most pressing concerns for online gamblers throughout the world since websites seek personal and financial information. Furthermore, many gamers choose to keep their personal information private. This is where bitcoin comes in useful — the player's data is kept private and secure from prying eyes.
  • Check IconTransaction Speed: In conventional casinos, it might take several days, if not weeks, to see the money you've won. The crypto transfer procedure is quite quick, taking only a few minutes in certain cases. This is due to the fact that when players deposit cryptocurrencies into the gaming site, they do so without the assistance of a third-party financial institution or bank.
  • Check IconTransaction fees: Processing fees are frequently non-existent since transactions are peer to peer and there is no central body burdened with processing the transaction. Your crypto wallet provider and the casino, on the other hand, may impose small processing fees. Plus, depending on where you reside, your crypto casino wins might be fully tax-free.
  • Check IconDecentralized: You may have heard of how Justin Trudeau declared an emergency in Canada and froze the bank accounts of anyone supporting the trucker’s protest. With decentralized cryptocurrency which is peer to peer, something like this would never happen since there is no bank involved.
Dislike IconCons
  • Close IconVolatility: Most people are afraid of the high fluctuation value of most crypto coins. Even stable coins such as Bitcoin are subject to highs and lows within short intervals of time. However, this could even be an advantage to some. It is all a matter of how you make use of the ups and downs.

How to Choose a Crypto Casino

As we mentioned, your gaming experience at a crypto casino will be determined by which casino you sign up with. Not every crypto casino is perfect. Choosing the right platform for your needs is crucial for an enjoyable gaming experience. Here is how you can test and find a good crypto casino for yourself. 

Read reviews: There are a plethora of trustworthy websites where you can read in-depth evaluations of today's most popular crypto casinos. When deciding whether or not to play in a casino, the first thing you should do is visit sites like this, which provide professional evaluations on casinos and the service quality they provide.

Reading a casino review can give an indication of what a casino has to provide and may help you filter down the casinos that are suitable for your needs. Good casino reviews explain a casino's game selection, payment choices, customer service, promotions, and other aspects so you know what to expect before you make a decision.

Go to the site and sign up (Game variety and bonus offers): You can actually create an account with the crypto casino you are interested in to explore the lobby, games, promotions and how things work without actually investing any money or making real money bets. Some crypto casinos will allow you to play games in demo mode which is a good way to test out the games too. If there are no red flags, you can proceed to actually make a deposit. 

Banking Options: Although most crypto casinos accept popular coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, you may want to use a less known coin or traditional payment method like a bank card from time to time. Check to see if the casino you want to play at allows your preferred method of payment. Also, ensure the crypto wallet you wish to use is supported for integration with the crypto casino. 

Customer support: You never know when you will need help. Most crypto casinos offer live chat as a standard customer support channel, but a phone number and email support would be added advantages to have access to. 24/7 support is a sign of a good crypto casino. 

Crypto Wallets

A cryptocurrency wallet is a software application that stores public and private keys that are unique to the wallet's owner. The wallets allow you to interface with blockchains, allowing you to conduct purchases and exchanges as well as keep track of your balance. Fundamentally, the wallet allows you to store, send and receive cryptocurrencies. 

Crypto Wallets Available to South African Users

South African online casino players are privy to a plethora of options when it comes to crypto wallets. Depending on what purposes they are going to use the wallet for, a user can choose the right wallet. Some are optimized for convenience while others are all about security. For online gaming, finding the right balance between the two is key. A few crypto wallets that are ideal contenders for casino gaming are:

  • Exodus
  • Coinbase
  • Edge
  • Blue
  • Wasabi 

How to Deposit and Withdraw Funds

Here’s how you can process a deposit to your casino account via crypto 

  1. Login to your crypto casino account
  2. Go to the cashier
  3. Choose deposit 
  4. Select the deposit method (crypto)
  5. Copy the crypto address of the casino – this address is displayed on the screen 
  6. Login to your crypto wallet and send funds to the copied crypto public address 

To withdraw your casino winnings to your crypto wallet, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your crypto casino account
  2. Go to the cashier section and select withdraw
  3. Choose crypto as the payment method
  4. Enter or paste your crypto wallet’s public address when prompted for it 
  5. Type in the withdrawal amount
  6. Verify that the details are right and submit the withdrawal request 
  7. As per the casino withdrawal policy and timeframes, your funds will appear in your crypto wallet after the withdrawal is approved and processed 

Mobile Crypto Casinos

Crypto casinos are at the forefront of technology and as expected, virtually every crypto casino is mobile friendly. This could either be via a mobile-friendly website or a dedicated mobile app or both. A few crypto casinos which are highly popular across the globe have their own mobile apps for popular mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android, but the vast majority of crypto casinos simply offer a website that will load and function seamlessly on any mobile web browser, thereby qualifying it as mobile-friendly. 

Most mobile players will find that the mobile website option is sufficient and serves the purpose. Players can not only play games but can also make crypto transactions, claim crypto bonuses, take part in tournaments and contact customer support right from their mobile devices. However, some players that almost always play on mobile may want to opt for a crypto casino that is available in the form of a mobile app.

This way, the player can simply launch the app and will immediately have access to his or her crypto casino lobby and can get playing in seconds. 

Customer Support for Cryptos

The value of having excellent customer support service cannot be overstated, especially when it comes to online gambling with real money. There are several occasions when new players want assistance from the casino customer care, such as an explanation of a specific condition in the bonus terms or a technical issue, such as online gambling software malfunctioning or withdrawal requests not being processed.

 In all of the instances stated above, competent customer service at casinos should be capable of providing the necessary assistance to the consumer. You also want to ensure that the casino offers customer support in a communication mode that suits you. 

Top crypto casinos will offer live chat, email as well as phone support. Additionally, check the customer support operational hours and make sure they overlap with your usual gaming hours. A lot of top-quality crypto casinos now offer customer support around the clock, 7 days a week. 

Crypto Casino Login

Logging in to your crypto casino account is usually the same as logging in to any conventional online casino account. The casino website usually has a conspicuous login button right on their home page. As a registered member, you will have a username and password that you can enter to access your crypto casino account. 

In some cases, the casino may support social media login where you can access your account by simply linking your Google or Facebook account, for example. If you are having trouble remembering your password or username, you can use the forgot password link which is generally visible within the login pop-up window to reset your password and recover access to your casino account. 

Cryptocurrency Address Explained

A cryptocurrency address refers to the crypto wallet address of any particular user. It’s a string of unique, random characters that signify the “location” of one’s wallet. This address is used to send and receive various cryptocurrencies all over the world.

Crypto wallet addresses are not completely anonymous, but the wallet owner can use any pseudonym they please.

Physical Address of Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies don’t really have one specific location. However, they do have to be registered somewhere to operate. Bitcoin, for example, has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. Ethereum, on the other hand, has its corporate headquarters in Madrid, Spain. Here are some headquarters of cryptos:

  • Bitcoin HQ: San Francisco, California, USA;
  • Ethereum HQ: Madrid, Spain;
  • Litecoin HQ: Boston, Massachusetts, USA;
  • Dash HQ: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA;
  • Dogecoin HQ: Frostviken, JämtlandeIän, Sweden;
  • Tether HQ: Hong Kong;
  • Monero HQ: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia;
  • Neo HQ: Shanghai, China;
  • Ripple HQ: San Francisco, California, USA.

Top Crypto Casinos Compared

200% Deposit Bonus up to $1,000
10% Daily Cashback
20% CASHBACK $200 Maximum Cashback Per Day

Summary: Personal Author Experience with Crypto Casinos

Crypto-currencies are here to stay. They’ve already made their way into the online gaming market and new crypto casinos continue to be launched very frequently. Since the inception of crypto casinos, it hasn’t taken long for both players and operators to realize how much value digital currencies add specifically in the context of casino gaming.

Some of the most popular crypto coins supported for online gaming include bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, ripple, litecoin, etc. some casinos even support meme coins such as doge and shiba inu. when using crypto, your transactions are fast, private and peer to peer. All of this is extremely significant and valuable when gambling for real money on the internet. The only downside to crypto is its volatility.

Faqs About the Best Crypto Casinos

Which cryptocurrencies are accepted at online casinos?

This will vary from one online casino to another. Some online casinos sell themselves as crypto casinos bitcoin and bitcoin cash are accepted by the majority of crypto betting services. If you're using a different sort of cryptocurrency, you should hunt for a casino that accepts that money. The top-rated cryptocurrency gambling sites will usually also accept ethereum, litecoin, dogecoin, and other altcoins.

Is it possible to withdraw crypto from an online gambling site?

This might seem like an obvious certainty but you will be surprised to learn that many online casinos will accept crypto deposits but when it comes to withdrawals, you might be stuck with bank wire transfers. However, there are tons of crypto-friendly sa online casinos that support quick and free crypto cashouts. It is always best to check the supported withdrawal methods at a crypto casino and also read through the withdrawal policy before you sign up with a casino so that you know exactly how withdrawals work and will not be frustrated at a later stage when it comes time to claim your winnings.

How long does it take to withdraw cryptocurrencies?

How long it takes for a casino to process a crypto withdrawal is completely contingent on the casino’s withdrawal policy. In general, crypto-based transactions, be it deposits or withdrawals, are much faster than credit card, e-wallet and bank wire transfer transactions. Usually, when you place a withdrawal request at a casino, the withdrawal request is considered ‘pending’. it will remain in the pending status until the finance department reviews and approves the transaction. 

Once approved, the transaction is moved from pending to processing. The processing time for crypto is usually just minutes. However, the pending period may differ from casino to casino, usually within the range of 24 – 72 hours. Some casinos will also require that you complete certain verification procedures and submit documents before you are able to successfully claim any withdrawals. 

The best way to find out the exact withdrawal process and time frame at a crypto casino is to either read the withdrawal terms or speak to the customer service department about it.

Do crypto casinos offer welcome bonuses?

Of course! Nearly every single crypto casino offers a welcome bonus in some form or the other. The online casino sector is highly competitive and a welcome bonus is something every online casino player expects as a new player at a casino. Since most casinos offer a welcome package, any casino that fails to offer one will simply lose out to its competitors.

Are all crypto casinos safe?

It would be highly misleading to make a blanket statement claiming that all crypto casinos are safe. The internet is largely self-regulated and users should exercise caution no matter what they are doing online, especially when it is related to real money transactions and sensitive personal and banking information. Cryptocurrencies are extremely safe and private but that alone does not entail the whole casino is safe and secure. 

The player must do his or her due diligence and find a reputed and trustworthy crypto casino to play with. On this web page, we’ve compiled a list of the best crypto casinos just for you and we’ve meticulously tested every crypto casino that we have recommended. If you’re choosing one of these crypto casinos then you need not worry about safety.  

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